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About Aluminum Welding - TIG & MIG - Rapid Metal Fab

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Out of the commonly welded metals, aluminum presents its self as one of the most difficult.

The same properties that make aluminum a great metal, such as its non-corrosive nature, lightness, and high thermal conductivity, are what make it problematic to weld.

Aluminum's lightness, being about 250% less dense than steel, allows it to save weight while still keeping its strength. Being that aluminum is a less dense metal, it means that it melts at a lower temperature, which can cause difficulty when attempting to weld. Pure aluminum melts at 1,200°F. Its oxide, a protective layer that makes aluminum non-corrosive, melts at 3,700°F. This difference in melting temperatures requires that the oxide be removed before welding, as to not melt the aluminum.

At Rapid Metal Fab, we understand the challenges that must be faced when welding aluminum, but we also understand its benefits as a metal. To elaborate on what was stated earlier, aluminum has an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum also is naturally corrosion resistant. Additionally, the difference in price when compared to other metals makes it optimal in some applications.

Our welders are qualified in MIG & TIG aluminum welding and can quickly complete any project. At RMF we also cut, bend and powder coat, so if your project requiers more than just welding we can be of service.

Check out the videos below to see examples of MIG & TIG welding, along with the quality we provide every time.


In this video, aluminum hinges are being welded onto aluminum sheets.
For MIG, we utilize a special type of welding that removes the layer of oxidation and impurities as we weld, shortening the overall fabrication time.

If you need any form of metal fabrication, we can handle it all. Please contact us to get started on your metal fabrication project today. We look forward to working with you!

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