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Custom Fab Shop Near Me

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

No matter where you are, Rapid Metal Fab can complete your project for you. We offer rapid turnaround times and unbeatable quality, all while keeping the price low. Shipping is no issue as we aim to become a national brand.

Our Services Include:

custom fab shop engineering
  • Includes metal and controls engineering so that all designing and construction can be completed in-house.

  • Can create realistic and working computer models to make certain your part is perfect before production.

  • Allows the full advantage of our CNC equipment to be utilized.

  • Engineering is not required, but it should be noted that our engineers do much more than create CAD models. To learn more about what they do, click here.


No matter the material, we can cut it, thanks to our multitude of CNC machines including

  • Two Fiber Lasers

  • CNC Router

  • CO2 Laser

  • At Rapid Metal Fab, we utilize two CNC Press Brakes to make sure that your project is complete on time, every time.

  • CNC press brakes offer great precision that is repeatable due to being computer-controlled.

  • MIG, TIG, Stick - We can do it all.

  • No matter what your project requires, our qualified welders are eager to tackle it.


Surface Finishing:

  • Powder Coating

  • Vapor Blasting

  • If there is another finish you would like, contact us here to see if it is provided.


Controls and Automation:

  • At Rapid Metal Fab, we cover simple and complex controls and automation projects. This can include retrofits as well as new machine design. Machine design and construction can be completed all in-house when combined with our metal fabrication side.


One-Offs, Mass Production, & Specific Parts of The Process:

  • We welcome one-off projects and mass production runs as our workflow and facility can accommodate both.

  • We also offer individual steps in the metal fabrication process, meaning we can help with just engineering, welding, or any other process listed.

So no matter where you are, we can tackle your project. If you are ready to receive the quality metal fabrication you deserve quickly, contact us here. If you are searching for a partner for a future project, please remember us when you need parts fast!

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