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What Is Metal Fabrication - Rapid Metal Fab

Updated: May 31, 2022

Metal fabrication is an incredibly wide industry, ranging from the construction of small handheld pieces to objects larger than buildings. That being said, metal fabrication can be generally defined as cutting, bending, and assembling metal into structures and products.

Furthermore, metal fabrication can be broken down into three steps/categories. Those categories being: Designing, Fabrication, & Implementation/insulation.

metal fab

Beginning with designing, occasionally the most troublesome part of a challenging build, this is where the product takes its shape. The end goal of the product must come under complete scrutiny during this stage of the build, as it will help answer most other questions. For example, if you know your product must withstand everyday abuse, your metal type and size can be picked accordingly.

At our shop, every creation is 3D modeled first. This not only allows us to take complete advantage of the CNC-controlled equipment we use but also provides the customer with a highly accurate design of their product. This step also streamlines communication of the parts' look and functionality with the customer before any fabrication takes place.

Once the model is complete, prototyping can take place or production can begin. To learn more about engineering and what our engineers do, click here.

The fabrication portion of the production process is where your design starts to take its shape. As stated earlier, metal fabrication can generally be defined as cutting, bending, and assembling metal into structures and products. To learn about metal fabrication in-depth, click here. The article mainly focuses on sheet metal fabrication because it is a major producer for industrial applications as well as manufacturing. Most shapes and designs can be created from sheet metal efficiently, hence why it is used in most manufactured products.

Welding is included in the fabrication portion of the process, as it is a form of assembly. To learn more about welding specifically, click here.

Following the fabrication portion of the process is implementation/installation. This is where the product is used, in its completeness, by the customer. We know this as the part where all the hard work pays off!

At Rapid Metal Fab, not only can we complete each of these listed steps for you, but we can also aid in your decision making along the way.

Metal fabrication can be a daunting task, especially when budget caps and due dates are added. That is why we at Rapid Metal Fab aim to alleviate all the stress that can be associated with metal fabrication and more. Whether you need one or ten thousand parts, let us help you create them. We can also help with individual portions of the fabrication process, such as designing and cutting.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope it was helpful in finding the answers you needed about metal fabrication. If you have any further questions, you can contact us through our chat (located in the lower right-hand corner), or through our contact page. Thank You and have a great day!.

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