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Our Custom Metal Fabrication Process

To most, the custom metal fabrication process may appear complicated and difficult to approach. That is why we at Rapid Metal Fab strive to provide an inclusive, informative, and effortless experience for our customers. The video below details the steps we take when creating your custom metal fabrications while giving some examples of each phase.

The first step in our process is to understand exactly what you the customer wants. We are easily reached through our website's contact page or by phone. Once we receive your inquiry, we will make sure every question and concern of yours is answered before moving on to speccing and quoting. When you are satisfied, production will begin.

If it is determined that your project requires engineering we have a qualified team here for your aid. Our crew is able to work with what you have, that being a drawing on a napkin or a fully drawn cad model. Our engineering department can also optimize your parts for production as well as help with prototypes.

The next step in our process is laser cutting which can be handled on our 2000 or 6000-watt fiber lasers. We also have a CO2 laser as well as a router table if your project requires.

After cutting, the parts will be formed on one of our CNC press brakes. This is where the true complexity of a part can begin to show.

After bending, if your assembly requires welding our crew can handle any task. All of our welders are certified and can perform MIG, TIG, and stick welding. We have experience welding stainless steel, carbon, aluminum, and most other metals.

If you would like a surface finish on your parts, we offer powder coating as well as vapor blasting. We use powder coating as a rust preventative and vapor blasting to clean, deburr, and remove heat scaring.

At Rapid Metal Fab we are capable of creating singular one-off parts as well as handling mass production. This ability allows us to help from the prototyping of a part to its full-scale production. We ourselves are an OEM parts manufacturer so we understand how important it is to be able to change a design as well as get parts swiftly.

Contact us today and get the quality custom metal fabrication you need, quickly!

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