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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Precision sheet metal fabrication - What is it?

Like traditional sheet metal fabrication, the process begins with a flat piece of metal. These

metal sheets can be stainless, aluminum, steel, and more. Where precision sheet metal fabrication begins to differ from its traditional counterpart is the methods used to cut these sheets. Band saws, circular saws, shears, and punches are conventional tools used to cut sheet metal to shape. With rapidly evolving CAD* software and CNC* controlled machines, fiber lasers have become the preferred cutting tool. The CNC aspect of this process is what warrants the precision name.

CNC machines also are utilized in forming sheet metal parts. Press breaks with CNC controls allow the operator to visualize the next bend and automatically apply the correct amount of pressure.

Once the parts are formed, assembly can take place. This happens through welding (MIG, TIG, Stick), rivets, or fasteners. The combination of cutting, bending, and assembling can create any fabrication.

So to answer the question of what is precision sheet metal fabrication, CNC control sums it up. Allowing a computer to control cutting and help bend parts improves efficiency while lowering costs and increasing accuracy. So for precision, make sure it is CNC.

At Rapid Metal Fab, we utilize CNC-controlled machines for all parts of our sheet metal fabrication process. We would be glad to help you create the metal parts you need in any way we can. In-house engineering is also offered to make creating CAD models of your parts effortless. So please contact us today to get the precision parts you need, quickly.


One of our CNC Fiber Laser's Making Swift Work of A Sheet of Carbon Steel

Demonstration of One of Our CNC Press Breaks Quickly Forming A Part

MIG Welding Stainless Is Demonstrated In This Video

CAD: Computer-Aided Design

CNC: Computer Numerical Control

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