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Rapid Fabrication

We understand your needs. Here is why:

Rapid Metal Fab, as a company, is the result of Vapor Honing technologies not receiving the metal parts they required in a timely manner. A fabrication shop was started to support the needs of VHT, but it quickly grew into an operation capable of supporting many other companies as well. From the beginning, we found and invested in capable engineers, qualified welders, and CNC-controlled equipment, allowing us to cut down our turnaround times. Because we have been in your situation, struggling to find quality metal fabrication that was also quick, we strive to fill that need.

How does our Rapid Fabrication work:

Any part that is created at Rapid Metal Fab will firstly be 3D modeled. This ensures that the part can be created and will look/operate as it should. Producing more of the part at a later date is also streamlined, as the parts file will be ready. The time spent on modeling depends on the complexity of the part. A simple part will take mere minutes to model, whereas a complex assembly may take a few days.

As for fabrication, we stock many types and thicknesses of sheet metal at our shop and can have special orders delivered quickly. Cutting these sheets to your desired specifications can be done quickly as we can cut at 12 inches per second on our 6000 Watt laser. Adding to this speed is our quick exchange table, which allows loading and retrieval to take place while the laser is processing.

Bending your parts is quicker than ever thanks to CNC-controlled equipment. Every bend is pre-programmed so that the process is streamlined and repeatable.

Welding is also as fast as humanly possible, as our qualified team always strives for performance and especially excellence.

All of these factors allow us to streamline our process, backing our rapid fabrication claims and Rapid Metal Fab name.

How long can I expect my project to take:

If your part requires vast amounts of engineering, you can tie that linearly to the turnaround time. This same relation applies to part number, processes, and type of material your project will require. If you provide us with the requirements and specifications of your project, we will promptly return to you with the estimated times each step will take.

Our goal as a company is to deliver the quality parts you need quickly with zero headache. We will assist you in every step of the process, making sure you receive exactly what you expected. We understand what it is like to be the customer, that is why Rapid Metal Fab as an endeavor is structured the way it is, communicative, efficient, and cost-effective. Please let us know of any fabrication you may require as we would love to work with you! Thank you for reading, we hope to exceed your expectations soon.

Rapid Fabrication

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