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What Do Our Engineers Do?

At Rapid Metal Fab, we have acquired a team of capable engineers to help create any custom metal fabrication. But you may be asking, what is engineering for and why is it important?

When designing a part it is useful to have some sort of model. Our engineers create what are called CAD models. Standing for computer-aided design, CAD models, are 3D designs that are drafted on the computer. They allow the utmost accuracy and detail when designing. CAD models also allow you to see how a part will look in its completed assembly as well as laying flat. This feature is extraordinarily useful when working with sheet metal.

The accuracy our engineers achieve with each model translates directly to our CNC-controlled machines. Our fiber laser is controlled by a computer that plots its movements undeviatingly from the CAD file. Our press break determines the pressure that should be applied to each bend based on the settings the engineer inputs. The precise results yielded in our fabrication process are a direct translation of the accuracy of our engineers.

It should be noted that our engineers do much more than create CAD models. They give useful insight and design change suggestions that help with functionality and production. Not to mention they aid in making our metal fabrication process run so smoothly. So, for all of your fabrication requirements, please contact us so that we can help create and produce the quality parts you need, quickly.

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