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Optimized Metal Fabrication - & How It Could Help You:

When you need parts made, there are a few major things you must consider.

  • The quality of the products and work are typically near the top of the list. Being certain a company and part construction is satisfactory determines if it is a viable solution or not.

  • Another major factor is cost. Budgets are budgets, but depending on how a fab shop operates, some may be cheaper than others.

  • Lastly, lengthy lead times are something that most fabrication shops struggle with.

Finding a fabrication shop that can operate at the same speed most other industries are accustomed to, at an attractive price, and with excellent quality, is challenging. Using our tried and true optimized metal fabrication process here at Rapid Metal Fab allows us to achieve these three major points.

So what exactly is optimized metal fabrication?

Everything created in our shop is first computer modeled. This saves time, as each part has a blueprint that can be referenced throughout its construction. This also allows us to take full advantage of our CNC fabrication tools, which you can read more about here. As our engineers are modeling a part, they take into consideration ways to improve it, as well as make it uncomplicated to produce. If our engineers do not model the parts, they still carefully inspect them before construction begins. How we optimize a part is different for every one. Sometimes, especially with bracketry, it is possible to design it in such a way that multiple parts can be bent at the same time. This may sound insignificant, but hours can be saved on large orders.

For assemblies, we have ways of cutting down production times and costs as well. Whether it is finding a more efficient way of attaching parts, nesting things appropriately, or giving overall design suggestions, we are always searching for ways to optimize. Of course, every decision that we make will be in accordance with your design specifications and approval.

To Reiterate:

We here at Rapid Metal Fab understand that your time is valuable, and that it is better to spend under than over a budget. We also understand that you deserve quality fabrication work and exemplary customer service. That is why we believe so firmly in the optimization of your parts and our fabrication process. We want you to succeed because if you do; we have as well!

Thank You For Reading Our Blog

To contact us to get started on your metalwork needs, or for any questions, contact us here.

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